Fear of Cats

I want to share another story for you in our very popular collection of articles called Story Time right now. This is where I share a real story of a client I’ve worked with, 20 years I’ve been a hypnotist, and the result and what kind of things they experienced. I will tell you I’m not breaching any customer client confidentiality clause. I would change their names, locations, and anything that you could use to identify them but the gist of the story, the problem, the work that we did together, and the outcome will be legit. You have my word for that.

Many years ago, back in London, England where I’m from when I was starting off as a hypnotist, I had a lady come in and she had a terrifying fear of cats believe it or not. You know what I think? That sounds a bit silly. Who cares? Just don’t buy a cat or don’t walk around alleys or streets at 5 a.m. in the morning. But why it was a problem for her was she had just become engaged, and she was going to move in with her fiancé who lived with his mum, a whole different problem, and she had a couple cats and she wanted to get into good graces with Mum. So it was really important for her to overcome this fear.

So she came in and she had no conscious recollection of why she had this problem. She didn’t know why she’s afraid of cats. So we did some hypnosis with her and we used a technique called regression where we go back to the root cause of…like using a time machine into the past to retrieve some memory, some information of why this problem first started. And what happened is when she was about two years of age, and she had no conscious recollection of this by the way, when she was about two years of age, she was in a crib or carriage as we say in England, and it was a big thunderstorm. It was a very violent thunder and lightning storm back in London, England where it rains a lot and we have a lot of storms there, and she was very, very scared as I’m sure you can imagine as a two-year-old little girl alone in the dark with this thundering and lightening, furious it was.

But basically, her Mum had accidentally locked the house cat in the bedroom with her so the cat was scared as well with the thunder, the lightning, the weather, and all this. And so what happened is when a big kind of sound of thunder hit, bang, and lightning hit, the cat got really scared, jumped over the carriage, and just scratched my client on the face as a little kid. It didn’t cause any serious damage but just a little scratch. Now that moment, her unconscious mind made an equation, if you will, of one plus one equals 101. See, she’d deleted the thunderstorm that was happening and just consciously had focused on the cat. So then that phobia was formed at that point and she completely forgot about it because most people can’t have a conscious memory of something that happened between the ages of zero to five unless they’re prompted by family members or perhaps pictures in a family album.

So once we regressed her to realize that cats are not bad, the cat was scared, as scared as she was as a little girl, and the cat was just reacting in the way that it did and she didn’t have any physical, any serious harm or anything like that, just a little nick on the face. The cat was actually more scared of her. And actual fact, she wasn’t even scared of the cat. She was scared of the thunder and lightning and so her and the cat are on the same team. Once she realized that as a thirty-something-year-old woman with that kind of insight and experiences she has now and not the mindset of a two or three-year-old, she’s able to let go of that and just let go of that fear and it was amazing. I was happy to report, I only saw her for two sessions but I stayed in contact for about a year, year and a half after, and she not only did she move in with her fiancé but she married him. After a year or so, they moved out of the house and got their own house and they actually got a cat, which was an amazing story.

I’ve been Luke the Hypnotist, this has been Lukenosis, that’s my company, and this has been Story Time. Now if you have a problem that you’d like some help with, you’re probably going to find my telephone number below this video or in fact you might find my email address or website below this video right here. Please call me or email me so we can book your complimentary free screening process where we can go ahead and discuss your problem and I can tell you if I think I can help you. I’ve been Doctor Luke, always believe.


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