Does the Hypnotist Really Control your Mind?

It’s funny, because often times when people come into my office for help, they have this look of abject terror and fear on their face. And it always makes me chuckle inside. I’ve never do the outside, because hypnosis is one of the most gentle and powerful ways of dealing with most problems out there that I’ve found. And when I question people that will come in, I ask them, “You know, you’re looking rather nervous. You’re looking very tight there. Is everything ok? Do you have any questions for me?” It always come back to the same thing. And it was that these people believe on some level that I, the hypnotist, had some kind of control on them. That I was like some kind of this thing golly, some kind of puppet master that could control their minds.
Now, I wish I could control people’s minds. But I can’t. If I could control people’s minds with my skill of hypnosis, as lovely as you are, you think I’d be making this video right now? No. I’d be in some Caribbean Island somewhere, with 10 supermodels and \$10 trillion in the bank. So I absolutely can’t control people. All I can do is help to give you suggestions, and influence you in an ethical way to overcome your problems.
And I always share this metaphor with people. When we’re working together, it’s like we’re in a car. Your car. Now, we wanna get to a destination. I don’t know where that destination is for you. It might be Stop-Smoker Ville. It might be Weight-Loss City. It might be Get-Rid-of-my-Physical-Pain Country. Wherever you go is whatever your reason is for coming to see me for hypnosis.
That’s the destination you wanna get to. It’s your car. Your hands are on the wheel of your car. Your foot is on the pedal of your car. We wanna get to this destination, but unfortunately, we don’t have any Google Maps. So that’s out. Bad Wi-Fi signal. We don’t have any physical maps either, old school physical maps. So it seems we can’t get there that way either. The only way to get there is for me to give you directions. Now, the good thing is, I’m in your car. I’m behind you. Now, I know a way to direct you to drive your car as easy and as ethically as possible to the destination that you wanna go to. To alleviate your problem. To get more joy, happiness, love, and whatever else good that you want in your life.

So if I ask you to go forward and you go forward, you’re doing great. If ask you to turn left and you turn left, it’s great. If I ask you to turn right and you turn right, it’s great. But I could ask you to turn right, and you could turn left. And that’s completely up to you. Because it’s your car.

See, if I as a hypnotist battle you over the control of your car or your mind, you would only win 100% of the time because you influence your mind 24-7, 365 days a year. So the best I can do is influence you, and guide you how to get there.

The good thing is I’m an awesome guide. I’ve been a guide for 20 years, and helping people, thousands of people, all across the world to get to their destinations. But made no mistake about it. It’s your car. You’re driving it. I’m just there to help you get to where you wanna go in the best way possible.


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