The Process of Therapeutic Hypnosis

Traditionally, hypnosis has been known for suggestions. Essentially, you come in with a problem, such as you’re a smoker, we give you positive suggestions of you being what you wanna be, a non-smoker, and happy, and healthy, in this example, and we give you multiple versions of that suggestion to program your mind, if you will, so you now have more choice, so you don’t result to the old resort, to the old behaviour. Continue reading


Fear of Cats

I want to share another story for you in our very popular collection of articles called Story Time right now. This is where I share a real story of a client I’ve worked with, 20 years I’ve been a hypnotist, and the result and what kind of things they experienced. I will tell you I’m not breaching any customer client confidentiality clause. Continue reading

Does the Hypnotist Really Control your Mind?

It’s funny, because often times when people come into my office for help, they have this look of abject terror and fear on their face. And it always makes me chuckle inside. I’ve never do the outside, because hypnosis is one of the most gentle and powerful ways of dealing with most problems out there that I’ve found. Continue reading